It’s Time We Get to Know Your Brand Better!

Please take a few moments to gather your brand’s specific images, links, social profiles, and content direction for our team. These details can, and will change as this relationship moves forward, but these are our general brand guidelines and starting strategy.

Not the LLC, or formal name, but how the public knows your business on social media.
Main Company Website URL for the Public
Add a new link on each line so we have a list of the social pages like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc you know to be owned and verified by your brand.
Describe your products and/or services and what you want people to know that you do.
Tell us where to find relevant images/videos/graphics for your brand products & services along with the links to them.
Provide links to these, please.
We will typically add additional content relevant hashtags in addition to your branded hashtags already being used.
Mainly looking for their website, and page links for facebook and instagram.
Visit to find the matching codes for your brand colors. We can help you, if needed.
Typically, we pick 2 - one that is for paragraphs and body of text (skinner, easy to read) & one bold font for titles.
List page links to websites, and social profiles, please.
Think about how you want to come across to your followers/customers as they absorb your content.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Just trying to understand your audience, and which larger brands, magazines, blogs or pages they follow.
We will want to tag them in our posts shouting out their cause, and efforts. Please give us their social page links.
Please tell us if there are any areas of your business you do not want us to promote from your website, or brand pages.
If there are any other details about your brand, or any aspect of your business we need to know about.